VMI is a cooperative strategy for both users and suppliers to obtain the lowest cost. Under a common agreement, the supplier manages the inventory, and constantly monitors the implementation of the agreement and modifies the contents of the agreement, so as to improve the inventory management continuously.

Supermarket Management

Standardized inventory management is helpful to improve the efficiency of inventory management.The inventory is clear at a glance, at the same time it is easy to count and the access is orderly. The pre-processing arrangement is direct and efficient, and workers can avoid picking, which greatly improves the convenience and efficiency of on-site processing turnover.

Visualized Inventory

Visual management can analyze the data of goods, personnel, customers and suppliers from multiple dimensions, realize the real-time data upload, realize the synchronous display of Kanban by multiple employees, and realize the workflow of paperless office and online material collection in the warehouse. Visual Kanban synchronous data analysis can better meet the management upgrade of modern enterprises.

Information Sharing

Both sides jointly monitor the inventory situation, share information, and improve the inventory management level and overall performance of the supply chain, which must eliminate the obstacles in the process of information transmission, and promote closer cooperation between supply chain enterprises to jointly improve the agility and the ability to fight risks of the supply chain.

Accurate Prediction

According to the data of sales, make forecast on demand, determine order batch more accurately, reduce uncertainty of forecast, reduce safety inventory, storage and supply cost, and suppliers can also respond to user demand faster, improve service level and reduce inventory level.

Real-time Monitoring

The finished products are stored in the customer's warehouse,easy for take at the first time, and the on-site inventory is monitored at the same time.

Full-time Engineer

Understand the demand of customer in real time and promote the supplier to improve the project.

Barcode Technology

Barcode warehouse operation promotes the change of management mode of the company, from traditional experience management to digital analysis management, from post management to in-process management, which makes the implementation process accurate and controllable, and provides strong support for the implementation of supplier inventory management.

Customized Products

Customized non-standard fasteners are designed according to the needs of customers to produce suitable fasteners. The shape, length and material of the screw fit with the product, saving a lot of waste and cost.